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What is a Small Loan?

Small loans are popular amongst borrowers for various reasons, mainly due to its simplified loaning process. A small loan is a small cost personal loan, with small lending amounts to aid small scale emergencies or financial issues. At Same Day Cash Loans, the lending amount ranges from $300-10000, from a period of 3-24 months. On average, small loans consist of an amount of $2000 or less. 

Along with a shorter repayment period for your financial convenience. The interest rates are lower, in contrast to higher amounts from larger scale loaning amounts. Small loans prioritise the borrowers convenience through their shorter lending processes. This allows for a more efficient resolvement of the financial issue, rather than an added hassle to an overwhelming situation. 

What can I do with a small loan?

There are various purposes for obtaining a small loan, its flexible nature can assist in a variety of circumstances from financial hardship, small emergencies to holidays. Our quick and easy loaning process guarantees an efficient resolution to any financial issue. At Same Day Cash Loans, our extensive range of lenders will provide you with a practical lending solution. The purposes of a small loan include but aren’t limited to: 

  • Medical expenses such as treatment or medication
  • Necessary home renovation
  • Car repair
  • Special occasions such as weddings
  • Purchasing clothing
  • Rental bonds

Delivering the fastest small loans

At Same Day Cash Loans, we pride ourselves in delivering the fastest small loan services. This is achieved through our vast range of lenders available, offering unique and custom lending solutions to each borrower. We provide a responsible lending commitment, as our lenders are reputable and qualified. This assures the security and safety of the loans obtained. Our lenders don’t offer loans, if it is believed to cause inconvenience to your financial circumstances. 

Along with this, our lending process is 100% online for your convenience! The application process only takes a few minutes!  We provide fast loan approval rates and deposits of lending amounts. This is vital for your emergency situations, for when you need the cash fast! The last thing you want is a prolonged online loaning process. We offer excellent small loan services through: 

  • Most efficient small loaning services
  • Responsible lending commitment
  • Customised lending solutions
  • Fast and simple online application process
  • Loan deposit with 24-48 hours
  • Flexible repayment periods
  • Extensive range of lenders

Are there any additional costs?

At Same Day Cash Loans, our lenders ensure full transparency of all costs involved in our small loans. This assures a smooth loaning process, for a more practical and convenient service. The lending contract details all the guidelines, informing our customers of every additional cost potentially involved. Rest assured, our lending services don’t have any surprises. 

How can I be eligible for a Small Cash Loan?

Our simplified loaning process will deliver efficient lending outcomes to any borrower. However, there are a few guidelines that determine your eligibility for a small loan at Same Day Cash Loans. 

Our eligibility requirements include: 

  • Be an Australian Citizen or permanent resident
  • Be 18 years of age of older
  • Have a mobile number and email address
  • Must have a regular income for the last 90 days
  • Have internet banking